Do you want to shape how it will change everything?

We are working on 3 initiatives to help you join the ride:

Sébastien Arbogast

Sébastien has 10+ years of experience a software engineer and innovative entrepreneur. Today he is really enthusiastic about the potential of the blockchain to disintermediate entire industries.

Co-Founder, ChainSkills

Said Eloudrhiri

Co-Founder, ChainSkills

Said is an agile coach and a software engineer who has seen a lot. Now he is really pumped about the transformative potential of the blockchain.

  • A collective learning community to share knowledge and resources on how to develop on the blockchain:
  • An online training program (coming soon) to help you understand what's at stake and how to leverage the technology by developing your first distributed apps
  • A network of experts to help companies apply blockchain in particular, and technology in general to improve their processes dramatically, all running on the blockchain in order to guarantee trust and high-level expertise.

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